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Topaz Detailing Ltd is pleased to announce that it has on 13th February 2023 completed a share acquisition of Reep Midlands Ltd and incorporated the Reep Midlands business and leadership team into the Topaz Detailing group. Reep Midlands Ltd will as of 1st March 2023 be known as Topaz Midlands Ltd.

Topaz Detailing, founded in 2009 by Mazin and Nabil Naamo, specialises in detailing, paint protection and maintenance of luxury cars, supercars and hypercars. An industry leading business with over 50 UK-based employees, Topaz Detailing has recently expanded into overseas markets with new centres in Bahrain and Qatar. This acquisition is part of several new national and international locations planned to be announced in 2023, the founding brothers having big ambitions for the franchise business.

Reep Midlands Ltd was the flagship site of the Reep Detailing Group, with 2 Directors and a team of 17 operating out of a bespoke 8,500 sq ft indoor studio. Reep Midlands has built a strong business and a loyal customer base which fits right into the Topaz suite of services and expands the national offering that Topaz already provides out of their facilities in London, Bristol and Leeds.

Services Offered

Detailing & Paint Correction

The term “Detailing” can be misinterpreted and confused with a much more basic service; valeting. Valeting can be described as “the cleaning of the exterior / interior to remove visible dust, dirt and grime, leaving the surfaces clean and shiny” Although a very simple and straight forward task, paint damage and surface imperfections are often caused by incorrect washing techniques. At Topaz Detailing we not only repair this damage but exceed this, creating a “better than new” finish. “The art of making a car beautiful is time”. This time refers not only to the time spent on your car but the time taken to gather expertise and knowledge, allowing us to provide a service that fits the beauty, elegance and sophistication of the cars we work with, restoring, enhancing and protecting your vehicle.​

Paint Protection Film (PPF)

At Topaz we have developed our PPF films and installation methods to be almost entirely invisible, not only does its provide protection from chips, abrasions and environmental factors but the design, fit and appearance of our modern films actually serves to enhance the look of your car while protecting your investment.

Topaz paint protection film combines best in class durability and clarity not previously available on the market. With its very low surface energy our PPF’s clear coat sheds contaminants that would otherwise stain or yellow conventional films. Elastomeric polymers heal over time, to naturally eliminate swirl marks and other fine scratches. With its 10-year parts and labour warranty against cracking, peeling, staining and hazing, our film is the most revolutionary paint protection film on the market today.


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One simple philosophy drives our business:
“Treat others as you would like to be treated yourself”.

- Nabil Naamo


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