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Looking for car detailing in Scarcroft? Topaz Car Detailing Leeds are the world's most exclusive detailing and paint protection film specialist for all luxury motor vehicles including Porsche, Ferrari, Bentley, Lamborghini, Mercedes, McLaren and Maserati at our detailing studio within easy access of Scarcroft. Simply choose from our Enhance Level Packages then call our expert team on 0113 322 4318 to arrange an appointment or if you require any further information.

From £450
(+ VAT) - 1 Day

Level 1 - Protection Detail

Exterior – Cleaning/Cleansing/Decontamination

        • • The vehicle is washed using PH neutral shampoo using twin grit guard bucket system to prevent any stones and sharp edged particles being carried onto the car via wash mitt.
  • • Wheels are cleaned using a nonacidic citrus based cleaner and specially designed horse hair brushes.
  • • Door shuts, petrol cap, arches and lower sections parts will be cleaned (where accessible).
  • • The vehicle is hand dried using deep-pile microfibre towels.
  • • The paintwork is treated with a clay bar (mild or aggressive) removing bonded surface contaminants.
  • • Body solvent is applied to dissolve and remove tar, road grime, honey dew and bug splatter deposits and other petroleum based substances.
    • • Tyres are dressed.
  • • Exterior plastics and door trims are dressed.

Speak to our team for recomendations on ceramic coatings for the paintwork, windows and wheels.


  • • Carpets vacuumed.
  • • Windows are cleaned on the inside.
  • • Interior trim and surfaces are all cleaned using aerospace-grade products.

Why choose the Level 1 Protection Detail?

  • The purpose of a Level 1 Detail is to decontaminate the paintwork or PPF (Paint Protection Film). Most commonly, a Level 1 Detail is used to detail satin paint (which cannot be machine polished) or as an ongoing maintenance detail. It doesn’t involve paint correction, and instead, is a thorough deep clean involving both chemical and mechanical decontamination.


From £800
(+ VAT) - 1 - 2 Days. Includes Level 1

Level 2 - Enhancement Detail

Exterior – Cleaning/Cleansing/Decontamination

          • A layer of thick white foam is applied to the vehicle to help loosen, lift and remove dirt particles from the paintwork without inducing micro scratches.
          • The vehicle is then blown dry with “Black Baron Vehicle Dryer” peak airflow rate of just over 330mph, eliminating water streaks.
          • The engine bay is cleaned.
    Paintwork is treated to a one-to-two stage correction process, to remove light paint imperfections, such as minor swirl marks to increase the gloss factor.
  • Chrome and stainless steel surfaces are treated and protected.
  • All light clusters are treated and protected.


  • The vehicle is deodorised using specially designed anti-bacterial treatment, which breaks down and eliminates bad odour and bacteria instead of masking them.

Why choose the Level 2 Enhancement Detail?

  • To seal freshly corrected paintwork we recommend Ceramic Coating for added glossiness, hydrophobic properties and easier maintenance or PPF for ultimate protection.

  • This is our entry level paint correction detail, which removes minor imperfections including fine swirls/scratches in the clearcoat/topcoat of the paint. It is perfect for new cars, or cars with dulled paint that need a refresh. This process results in 70% to 80% 'correction factor', it will not, however, remove any deeper scratches.


From £1350
(+ VAT) - 3- 4 Days. Includes Level 2

Level 3 - Correction Detail

Exterior – Cleaning/Cleansing/Decontamination

          • Paint thickness is measured using an ultrasonic paint depth gauge.
          • Various lighting is used to establish the condition of the paintwork.
          • Paintwork is treated to a three stage paint correction process to eliminate defects including medium swirl marks and holograms. Panels are alcohol wiped after every stage to ensure true correction. Exhaust tips are rejuvenated with specially designed metal compounds. Glass is treated with nano polish.


  • Carpets are shampooed if necessary and dried using a wet suction vacuum cleaner. Specifically designed Alcantara cleaner is applied to revive the Alcantara fibres. All leather surfaces are cleansed and protected. Air vents, button surrounds and fascia are cleaned using specialised brushes.

Why choose the Level 3 Correction Detail?

  • This is our used vehicle three stage paint correction and interior detail, which removes medium imperfections including swirls/scratches in the clear coat of the paint. This process results in 80% to 95% 'correction factor' *

    The Level 3 Detail also includes a thorough rejuvenation of all chromatic and metal elements, e.g. the exhaust tips, door shuts, light and air clusters, washing of the interior and deodorisation, leather protection, nano polish of the glass inside and out, and more.

    This process is designed to bring out the best of a used car, getting the life back into the paintwork and looking as new as it possibly could!

*This detailing level doesn't remove any scratches that have gone all the way through the paint.
    • To seal freshly corrected paintwork we recommend Ceramic Coating for added glossiness, hydrophobic properties and easier maintenance or PPF for ultimate protection.

From £2500
(+ VAT) - 4 - 6 Days. In addition or in lieu or Level 3

Level 4 - Ultimate Detail

Exterior – Cleaning/Cleansing/Decontamination

  • Door shuts are cleansed.
          • Wheels are removed, cleaned on the inside and cleansed, then all wheel nuts are torque set to the correct manufacturer’s specifications.
          • Wheels are cleansed, polished and sealed inside and out.
          • Engine bay is detailed.
    Alloy wheels paint corrected.
  • Paintwork is treated to a three-to-five stage paint correction process to eliminate defects such as heavy swirl marks, holograms and minor scratches.
  • Deeper surface scratches are leveled using specifically designed finishing papers. Paintwork is checked using a digital microscope in specific areas.


  • Safety belts are steam cleaned.
  • All leather surfaces are cleaned, de-glossed, fed with essential oils and then protected with leather guard.

Why choose the Level 4 Ultimate Detail?

  • This detailing level is ideal if you wish to bring your car’s paint back to life. In addition to what we offer in our lower detailing levels, our Level 4 Detail includes an engine bay detail, underbody clean, wheels removed and polished and much more. With up to five stages of correction we can achieve up to a  99% ‘correction factor’. This is the best possible detail to rejuvenate paintwork and create a ‘better than new’ finish.

    • To seal freshly corrected paintwork we recommend Ceramic Coating for added glossiness, hydrophobic properties and easier maintenance or PPF for ultimate protection.

From £350 per panel
(+ VAT) - 1 - 2 Weeks. Includes Level 3

Level 5 - Signature Detail

Paint Distortion (Orange Peel) Removal


    The focus of this service is to eliminate the inconsistent, distorted finish found in modern clear coats. Our Signature treatment focuses on improving the factory finish achieving a far superior standard.

    The process includes levelling the clear coat (lacquer) using a variety of specialist tools and eliminating the high points found on modern paint systems.

    Our expertise, knowledge and years of experience combine to give the Topaz Signature treatment its 100% success rate.

Why choose the Level 5 Signature Detail?

  • If you are striving for perfection in yoour paintwork then our Signature Detail is for you. ‘Orange peel’ or peaks and troughs in the clear coat add unwanted, distortion, texture and dullness to the paint. The Topaz Signature Detail will remove unwanted ‘orange peel’ texture achieving a glass like finish.


Our Level 5 Detail is our Signature Detail which completely relevels the clear coat, refining and polishing it in five stages. This involves dry sanding, wet sanding, and paint correction. This treatment is perfect for a car you want to keep and cherish for many years.


    • To seal freshly corrected paintwork we recommend Ceramic Coating for added glossiness, hydrophobic properties and easier maintenance or PPF for ultimate protection.

What is Detailing?

The term “Detailing” can be misinterpreted and confused with a much more basic service; valeting. Valeting can be described as “the cleaning of the exterior / interior to remove visible dust, dirt and grime, leaving the surfaces clean and shiny” Although a very simple and straight forward task, paint damage and surface imperfections are often caused by incorrect washing techniques. At Topaz Car Detailing Leeds we not only repair this damage but exceed this, creating a “better than new” finish. “The art of making a car beautiful is time”. This time refers not only to the time spent on your car but the time taken to gather expertise and knowledge, allowing us to provide a service that fits the beauty, elegance and sophistication of the cars we work with, restoring, enhancing and protecting your vehicle.​

How paint damage is inflicted? …

If dirt, dust and grime are not correctly removed from the vehicle, the cleaning process will rub and grind these particles into the surface of the paint inflicting noticeable damage. Sponges may have been used on numerous vehicles prior to touching your car, collecting dirt and grit. This problem induces defects known as “swirl marks” and can be seen below. Other side effects of incorrect washing techniques are component damage. Harmful acidic products, specifically designed for cleaning concrete are used to clean wheels and lower sections of the car. These harmful products cause rusted brake callipers, wheel nuts, exhaust tips and brake disc surrounds. Valeting companies also offer what is known as a “Polish” or “Machine polish” as an elite car presentation service. The products, processes and techniques used in these so called “full valets” are actually doing more harm than good to the paintwork. They result in circular scratches and very visible grooves in the vehicle’s top coat. Very abrasive compounds and improper use of a rotary polishing machine are used to butcher the paint imperfections. They remove huge amounts of the vehicles clear coat, whilst inflicting “holograms” and buffer trails.

What about new cars!? …

Unfortunately we also receive new cars with defects caused by the dealer. During the PDI “Pre Delivery inspection”, the rushed removal of the factory applied wax and protective wrapping causes paint imperfections such as swirl marks and micro scratches. Topaz detailing provides a service that will not only restore you vehicles appearance but will exceed your aesthetic expectations.



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