Wheel Woolies Calliper Spoke Back Brushes - Set of two

Wheel Woolies Calliper Spoke Back Brushes - Set of two

Wheel Woolies Calliper Spoke Back Brushes - Set of two

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The Caliper Spoke Woolie is very similar to the original Wheel Woolie, except it has an angled head. Like the Wheel Woolie, the head is constructed of polypropylene fibers that reduce splatter. 

The Caliper Spoke Woolie is a great product for gaining access to the back of your wheel's spokes, in addition to a variety of other similar places that you might sometimes have a problem reaching. 

  • Caliper Spoke Woolie head is constructed of polypropylene fibers
  • The head sits at a 45-degree angle
  • Includes in 2 brush sizes: 12” (1 1/2" OD) and 18” (1 3/4"OD)
  • Metal-free
  • Chemical resistant

Warning: Customers may face import charges when ordering to certain countries outside of the UK. 

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