Carbon PPF

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Service Specification

  • Service Duration: 7-14 Days
  • Includes: TopazCarbon is a completely bespoke service, offering carbon fibre overlay to any nearly any body panel or interior element on your car. We have do everything from a pair of wing mirrors finished in carbon fibre, all the way up to an entire car! Additionally, we don’t just offer this service for car. We have also applied TopazCarbon to furniture such as tables, and we’ve even done parts for yachts!

Service Description

  • Overlaying real carbon fibre sheets on to any hard surface, matching the weave (size, pattern and direction) to any carbon fibre already on the car. The carbon fibre is then treated with resin, vacuum sealed and baked, before being clear coated and sanded for the perfect glossy finish. We also offer carbon fibre tinted in any colour or finish, with a catalogue of different patterns available.

Before and After TopazCarbon

What is TopazCarbon?

TopazCarbon is the next level in car customisation. For years many of our customers have asked us for a way to personalise their cars with carbon fibre, however, until now there hasn’t been any way that matches the Topaz standard. Options such as carbon fibre vinyl never look as good as the real thing. TopazCarbon took years of development and back and forth with a company in Germany before we were happy to put our name to it. We use sheets of genuine carbon fibre weave, which are produced in the same factories as OEM carbon fibre, to over lay almost anything on the car that you desire. After we install it professionally, finished to the highest standard, it is indistinguishable from factory carbon fibre on the car.

What styles of TopazCarbon are available?

There is a whole spectrum of carbon fibre options available for your car, from factory specified options and genuine aftermarket parts to imitation vinyl and ‘dipping’. TopazCarbon offers the quality offered by OEM components (far superior to vinyl and dipping), with the flexibility of being able to treat nearly any panel with any colour, finish or pattern, at a price point far more attractive than most factory/aftermarket options. Every part is finished to the highest Topaz standard, and car be offered with bespoke paint protection coverage for peace of mind. This quality, customisability, and value isn’t offered anywhere else.

What are the benefits of TopazCarbon?

TopazCarbon offers unlimited possibilities for the interior and exterior of your car. What better way to make your car stand out from the rest than sporting tastefully and skilfully applied carbon fibre options that aren’t available at the dealership. We are able to match the weave exactly to any carbon fibre already on the car, and give your pride and joy that sharper, sportier look.

Which TopazCarbon coverage to choose?

TopazCarbon is available in every style of weave currently in production, including weaves with cooper, silver and gold interlaced. We are able to finish the sheets in any colour or any finish, to match your car or even your favourite pair of socks!


We provide a 5 Year Warranty on all our TopazCarbon that has been applied by Topaz’s team of certified installers, the longest and most comprehensive warranty of its kind in the UK. We warrant your TopazCarbon against yellowing, crackling or lifting and will replace any area of TopazCarbon that is on inspection deemed to not meet this criteria during the course of its warranty (from date of purchase). Of course the warranty does not cover damage to TopazCarbon caused by accidents, collisions, intentional misuse, ordinary wear or damage caused by products or cleaners not recommended for use on TopazCarbon. As well as the warranty we provide clients with thorough After Care advice and documentation to help keep the car looking great for many years to come. For more information, warranty exclusions, full Terms & Conditions or After Care information please contact a member of the Topaz team.

After Care and Maintenance

Once your car has been protected by our Topaz Installers you can also enjoy the peace of mind knowing that maintaining the glossy appearance of the TopazCarbon is still very simple, we provide After Care instructions along with your warranty documentation but a few key points are:

  • ● As the application of the TopazCarbon involves fresh clearcoat we advise to not wash the car for the first 7 days afterwards, guaranteeing each layer has had time to settle properly.
  • ● Once the TopazCarbon has cured, you are able to wash the car as normal (if possible use the twin bucket method and a lambswool wash mitt), if using a pressure washer ensure that you keep the spray lance at least 3 feet away from the surface of the TopazCarbon especially the edges as the pressure may lift the edge of the TopazCabon, we recommend a PH neutral shampoo and car care products such as Topaz Car Care.
  • ● If you get bug splatter or bird dropping you should still remove this as soon as possible as you would with bare paint, as TopazCarbon will be marked from the acids etching into it.
  • ● If you like to polish or wax your car you can continue to do this on TopazCarbon covered panels although more careful selection of the products must be taken. Polishes that are resin, solvent based or abrasive can mark the TopazCarbon.
  • ● A good quality natural wax like Carnauba can be used, of course if you are unsure our team can advise on specific recommended products.
  • ● For ultimate peace of mind ask our team about having your TopazCarbon ‘PPFed’ (paint protection film) while the car or part is at our workshop.


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