Our Facilities

Topaz has developed purpose built facilities to conduct it’s treatments. Workshops are conveniently located in London NW10 and Bristol, offering it’s clients easy access, convenience and unmatched security.

We offer a relaxed friendly environment for our clients, as well as the working environment in something as delicate as DETAILING and PPF requires optimal conditions to achieve the desired results. The materials, products and operations involved within our work are sensitive to temperature, humidity and dust. Some of these considerations are listed below:

  • Temperature controlled environment to get the best from our products.
  • Airtight capsule for car storage overnight so that dust particles don’t compromise our work.
  • State of the art built-in variable lighting permitting correct paint inspection.
  • Car lifting systems to assist in tackling our treatments without having to work from awkward angles.
  • Air compressor system.
  • Air suction systems.
  • Softened deionised water to achieve a better finish.