Our brand new product TopazSkin has now launched, and with five customer cars completed in around the first three weeks it’s been an amazing success.

For those who haven’t already seen, TopazSkin is a revolutionary new customisation and paint protection product for your car. It is a paint protection spray like no other, with the deep glossy (or satin or matte) finish of paint, with the protective and self-healing properties of PPF. Best of all it’s completely removable!

Here are just some of the incredible benefits of our all new removable Paint Protection Spray TopazSkin:

  • 50% thicker than factory clear coat
  • Protects original paintwork
  • Can be customised and matched to any colour
  • No seams or joins
  • Can be applied to wheels and brake calipers
  • Can tint exposed carbon fibre any colour
  • Self-healing clear coat minimising swirl marks
  • Available in Gloss, Satin and Matt, as well as seamless transitions between finishes
  • 5 year warranty against lifting


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