Here are some simple car washing techniques.

Step 1

Spray wheel cleaner onto wheels, then jet the wheels off, do not wet the body until after the wheels are cleaned.

1 Valet Pro Bilberry Safe Wheel Cleaner – 5 X 1 £24.99 – This is a safe wheel cleaner that can be diluted with a 50/50 ratio.

2 Professional Solvent Resistant Chemical Sprayer 1.5 Litre x 1 – £10.99

Step 2

Snow foam the car using hyper wash, lance and jet wash. This process is very important in gently lifting any dust, grit and grime from the paint surface before washing commences, leave this product on the car for 3-5 minutes then jet it all off.

1 Elite Heavy Duty Foam Lance £51.99 – This process is known as snow foam and you will need the hyper dressing put into the lance at a ratio of 30% product and 20% water, then attach it to your jet wash. The lance attachment you are looking for is the Karcher domestic one but speak to Alex atElite carcare productsand you can double check this with him.

2 Meguiars Hyper Wash – 1 Gallon/3.78 Litres X 1 £ 29.99 – This is used in the lance for the snow foam.

Step 3

Take two buckets fill them both up put some shampoo into one and leave the second one only with water, make sure you use the jet wash to foam up the bucket with the shampoo put 10% shampoo into the bucket so not much. Take the lambswool mitt and dip it into the soapy water start with the roof once this is done, make sure you place the mitt into the bucket with only water to take off the dirt from the mitt then place the mitt back into the bucket with the soap and start the process again one panel at a time. The key is not to push down onto the car with the wash mitt and to do straight lines when washing the panels, also use one mitt for the lower parts and the other for the upper parts, further avoiding defects. If there are still some bugs that haven’t been removed then just before you start jetting the car off spray some bug and tar remover onto them at the end of the washing, go over them gently with the wash mitt then jet the whole car off.

1 Grit Guard Plus (bucket set) x2 £15.99

2 Chemical Guys – Maxi Suds 11-Us Gallon X1 £24.99 – This is amazing car shampoo, which is used to preserve the wax protection on the car.

3 Elite Luxury Lambs Wool Wash mitt X 2 £ 17.98 – This is the ideal mitt for not inducing swirls and needs to be used in conjunction with the two bucket washsystem.

4 Poor Boys bug Squash – Bug & Tar Remover 16oz X 1 £ 9.99 – just spray this onto the bugs and let it settle for 1-2 minutes, then jet it off.

Step 4

Use the deep pile microfiber cloths to dry the car, again no pressure onto the paint. You will also need some regular microfiber cloths to dry the door shuts, etc… Then finally if required spray some last touch detailer spray onto the paint and dry it off using the buffing towel if there are any smudges or water marks.

1 Meguiars last touch Bottle & Spray Head X 1 £3.89

2 Meguiars last touch Spray Detailer 1 Gallon/ 3.78 Litres X 1 £ 28.49 – This can be used at the end of the wash to remove any smudges or haziness use it in the bottle with a 40% product 60% water.

3 Elite Ultra Plush Deep pile Buffing Towel X 1 £ 5.99 – this is good to be used in conjunction with the last touch detailer or on its own to buff the car at end.

4 Elite Ultra Plush Deep pile Drying Towel X2 £10.99 – These are amazing to dry the car.

You can order these products from Elite car care speaking to Alex “01628 671213” quoting Topaz Detailing.

I hope this helps as a guide to the techniques we use, coupled with the right products! From experience there is no better way to wash a car whilst minimising inducing defects.

Or, Check out our services and let professionals to take care of Your car.