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Meet the awesome team who makes everything we do possible

What Drives Us To Do Great Work?

Topaz London was created from the passion of cars and car presentation. Topaz is the UK's most exclusive vehicle detailing and paint protection film specialist's, handling the largest volume of supercars anywhere in the world.

The company was born to rewrite how car owners should maintain the appearance of their vehicles. To most people, and especially car enthusiasts, there is nothing like the feeling of picking up a new car; the excitement, the sense of occasion and the feeling of pride. Unfortunately cars are not like paintings in a museum, which serve their purpose in a controlled safe environment. They are subjected to all sorts of abuse including pollution, bug splatter, bird droppings, UV rays and stone chips. Additionally, incorrect washing techniques using harmful materials damages the paint and removes the shine it once had.

Topaz London exists in order to trigger positive emotions, through unparalleled automotive preparation, enhancement and protection, to recreate car presentation results that will satisfy even the most discerning clients. We strive to offer our clients a total car care solution package, incorporating everything from the initial treatment to the after care maintenance. One simple philosophy drives our business: "Treat others as you would like to be treated yourself"

Meet the dream team

Topaz London was created by two brothers

Meet Nabil - Topaz Company Director
Nabil: Company Director / Co Founder
Aka: Guru

Focussing and developing the Topaz brand is just how he rolls, we can prove this as he is also a football player, coach, referee and our Client Services Director, now that's looking at it from all angles
Meet Mazin - Topaz Company Director
Mazin: Company Director / Co Founder
Aka: Maz

Imagine a man whose life is a movie filmed by Darren Aronofsky with a soundtrack by John Coltrane and a script by Herman Hesse: that's not Maz. Maz runs operations.
Meet Thomas - Topaz Workshop Manager
Thomas: Workshop Manager
Aka: Juicer
Strengths: Muscles
Weaknesses: Hayabusa’s
Meet Gary - Topaz PPF Technical
Gary: PPF Technical / Training Manager
Aka: Spider man
Strengths: Can put film on just about everything
Weaknesses: Inhales more smoke than air

Meet Karl - Topaz Assistant Manager
Karl: Assistant Manager
Aka: Santa
Strengths: Eagle eye
Weaknesses: Ken Block.  
Meet Denis - Topaz Senior Detailer
Denis: Senior Detailer
Aka: Ficket
Strengths: Orange peel destroyer
Weaknesses: Doesn’t like Oranges  

Meet Lez - Topaz Detailer
Lez: Detailer
Aka: Lesbo
Strengths: Can wash anything
Weaknesses: Likes to wear shorts
Meet Gurge - Topaz Detailer
Gurge: Detailer
Aka: George
Strengths: Attention to detail
Weaknesses: Bodybuilding supplements
Meet Daniel - Topaz Detailer
Daniel: Detailer
Aka: David Guetta
Strengths: Spray painting
Weaknesses: Long hair 
Meet Ricky - Topaz Detailer
Ricky: Detailer
Aka: The Fidler
Strengths: Access all areas
Weaknesses: Halfords
Meet Sigita - Office Co-ordinator
Sigita: Office Co-ordinator
Aka: Ronda
Strengths: Deadlifts 
Weaknesses: Protein bars
Meet Grant - Topaz Office Co-ordinator
Grant: Senior PPF Installer
Aka: Mate
Strengths: Fast
Weaknesses: Audi’s 
Meet Lee - Topaz PPF Installer
Lee: PPF Installer
Aka: Contamination
Strengths: Going in
Weaknesses: Nandos Extra Hot